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“Expungement in New Jersey can be confusing… Let me answer some Expungement Questions for you”


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What is an expungement:

In New Jersey, an expungement is a legal process by which a criminal conviction resulting from a guitly plea, “no contest” or a finding of guilt by a judge or jury is set aside and the case information is withheld from potential employers and background check companies. An arrest, prosecution or conviction record still may exist. The good news is that New Jersey allows many offenses to be expunged under certain circumstances. Depending on the severity and classification of the offense, the waiting period can take from a few months to several months.

Why are expungements important:

A criminal record can provent you from getting a job, obtaining credit, obtaining housing, voting, obtaining professional licenses, and other benefits. Employers are ever increasingly using background checks to filter out potential employees. The best way to start over is with an expungement to clear your name.

Can all criminal convictions be expunged:

No. Most misdemeaners and some felonies can qualify for record expungement. A judge will usually have the discretion to decide whether or not to grant or deny a petition for a record sealing. You will only have one opportunity to petition to seal your record, so it is wise to find an attorney or law firm to handle your case for you.

Expungement defense lawyers in New Jersey:

When you are looking to have your New Jersey criminal record removed it is important to have a licensed expungement attorney working on your behalf. Choosing a licensed and professional New Jersey attorney is imperative to increase the chances of your expungement going through smoothly. Expungement proceedings can become very complex and in many cases the judge ultimately decides whether or not to expunge your record. A simple mistake may end up taking months to correct, and may result in a failed case.

There are many common typos of the word “expungement”: expung, expong, exsponge, esponge. Please note that this website is for expungement information.

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If you cannot afford an attorney or wish to other attorneys who can help you with your case, contact the New Jersey State Bar Association or Legal Services of New Jersey.

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