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New Jersey Background Check Clearing Update


new jersey background check removalDid you know that although you may have your record expunged from the courts, private companies still have that information and will try to extort you into removing your record? Background check companies are known to report old information far beyond a successful expungement period.

Clearing your record from the courts and private background check companies is what you want, so potential employers do not know of a criminal past. The technical term for this service is called an Expedited Criminal Database Update (ECDU) and a few law firms have this service.

An expedited criminal database update speeds up the process of clearing your name from private companies because the law firm actually notifies them to remove it immediately. The background database is common used by employers, land owners, bankers, and any other institute requiring your social security number.

Although there are a few companies that I’ve personally had experience with ECDU, I’ve found that many of my colleagues recommend Expedited Criminal Database Update services for New Jersey residents because of their fast and dedicated service.