New Jersey Young Drug Offender Expungement

new jersey drug expungementThere are few options for Youth Drug offenders for the controlled dangerous substance: Such drug charges may include but are not limited to possession of a controlled dangerous substances (under chapter 35), drug paraphernalia (under chapter 36), convicted of selling or distributing without a prescription (under 2A:170-77.5), or convicted of unlawful use, sale, and possession of legend drugs or stramonium (under 2A:170-77.8)

Do not let your youth drug offense prevent you from moving forward with your life. Put your past behind you by getting your drug offense expunged. By expunging your youth drug charge, the arrest, conviction, and related proceedings to your drug offense are deemed to have not occurred, except in limited circumstances.

Once your young drug offense is expunged, you can legally say that you were n0t convicted of the drug offense and you will be able to pass most background checks for employment and housing, which may enable you to get the job or promotion for which you are long overdue. Everyone makes mistakes, but they also deserve a second chance to become better providers and responsible participants in society.

Court expungement cases are viewed on a first-come, first serve basis. The sooner you file your petition to expunge your New Jersey youth drug offense, the sooner your petition will be reviewed and, potentially, granted. Be sure to know all of the details of your drug offense, from the arrest to the hearing details, as all of the case information will be necessary when filing the petition and preparing all of the court documents.

The expungement process in New Jersey is complex and time sensitive, so we highly recommend the services of a professional law firm specializing directly in New Jersey young drug offender expungements. Hiring a knowledgeable expungement attorney could be all difference between a granted or a failed petition for expungement.